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The clinic not only has doctors with varied qualifications working here but also is a complete soul in itself. This is very much for the reason that each doctor complements the other with varied skills to provide our patients with an overall complete and Holistic experience. Let’s us connect with the different structures in this body.

BDS (Govt. dental college & hospital, Mumbai)

Ever heard of a body alive without a heart! Her passion towards her work and perseverance towards dentistry is what makes her the chief doctor and director of the clinic. Meet Dr. Yojna Shriwas, the heart of this clinic!She is a BDS by qualification and an cosmetic dentist and implantologistas , with more than 16 yrs of experience . A perfect smile, authentic by thought, ingenuous by words and humble by nature is what makes up Dr. Yojna. Want to be responsibly pampered and cared for? Then, you are at the right table! She is completely devoted to the profession and believes in complete transparency towards her patients. Otherwise, she is an adventure geek and loves to have fun with nature. In her spare time, she loves travelling. Highly tech savvy and at par with world of technology, she always goes an extra mile to make sure she delivers the best service to her patients and brings the right smile to their face.

BDS (SMS Dental college and hospital)
MDS (SMS Dental college and hospital)


Do not go by the looks of him! Though Dr. Narendra might reveal quite a wary and a reclusive image, he is a fervent orthodontist by profession. MDS by qualification, he hails from the Pink city with over 6 years of rich experience in the field of orthodontics. When it comes to work, there is no matching his outstanding skills, prompt and modest nature and his passion for professionalism. His apprehension for his patients and love towards their good health is what makes his patients be contented with. He is very much the working limbs for this body.

dr-amit-guptaDR. AMIT KHAWAS
MBBS (S.N. medical college and hospital)
D.A. (M.G.M. Medical college, Indore)


As you know, the trick to being alive is to keep breathing. Very much in line with this, Dr. Amit Khawas is the lungs of this doctrine practice. Aproficient anesthesiologist and intensive’s, Dr. Khawas comes with over 15 years of rich experience and niche skills in his field. If you are fortunate enough that he keeps you awake on non-anesthesia, you will find him enormouslyfriendly and humble. Never is a time, when you do not find him accessible for general medical consultation and check up of patients having underlying medical or surgical history. Too much to an extent that, he breathes you out successfully through the OT as well.


The brain game is what we call it! And here is the brain behind all the tip and tricks of the happy family. Dr. Amit Gupta is an oral surgeon by profession. He has been long connected with the global leader in integrated healthcare delivery provider, Fortis Hospitals. Needless to mention, his brilliance and expertise in surgeries in immaculate! He may come across just as a “Mastram” next door but is unparalleled in his excellence towards his work. He has a secret skill of comfortinguneasy patients during his treatments. For any storm within the jaws, Dr. Amit is just s phone call away, though he usually work on trauma and fracture cases. Apart from keeping his patients happy, Dr. Amit loves travelling in his spare time.

dr-yash-pachoriDR. YASH PACHORI
BDS (Govt. dental college and hospital, Mumbai)
MDS (SMS Dental college and hospital, Jaipur)


To complete the doctrine in this clinic, here we present the eyes of the group. Dr. Yash Pachori instantly catches the pulse of patients and never let the patients return with any complaints. Dr. Pachori hails from the pink city and is a BDS and GDC from Mumbai. He is an official invisalign treatment provider.  His extrovert and interactive nature provides her patients build an extremely comfortable relationship and he also has a special interest in teaching and academics. Dr. Pachori comes with over 17 years of rich experience and niche skills in his field.  Hence he is associated with the dental college. This is evident with the fact that having him attached with clinic, the team is never in lack of any updates in orthodontics.

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