The Digital Smile Design Concept (DSD) seeks to present to the world a new face of Dentistry, more human, emotional and artistic, but also more efficient and precise through digital technology because every smile creats an immediate,subconscious,visual impact on people you meet.a brighter and healthy smile gives impression of youth,vitality,radiant health,happiness, and warmth.



Most of us will agree on fact that a smile is an important social asset.Studies says 96%of adult believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of opposite sex.Three quarter (74%) of adult feel an unattractive smile can hurt a person’s chance of carrer success.



-Improving the Smile Design process and transforming the patient into a co-author of his/her own new smile.

-Integrating Technology to generate efficient and predictable smile design outcome.

Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is the latest technology in the field of dentistry.Dr.YOJNA SHRIWAS took a official training from Dr. Christen Coachman from brazil who is the founder of digital smile design concept in the world.Dr. Yojna shriwas with the expertise in digital smile designing with the help of Computer imaging software  work with you to craft a new smile —in accordance with your needs and desires, considering  your facial structure,cosmetic and fuctional factors. When you can preview your smile before the actual treatment, there are no surprises later, and you get a smile that suits you perfectly.


Here we make a template of your present smile from your photographs and then we design it virtually on software and finalise the desired outlook with the you.Then this digitally made smile is converted into a mockup on cast and replicate the mockup in different material which can be worn by patient just to see how he/she ll look after the treatment.This ensures the result without making any permanent changes in your teeth.After approval form patient we explain the clinical procedures required he/she to undergo to get the desired look .Digital smile design is a multidisciplinary treatment approach which requires team to work together to achieve a common goal so it’s a boon to dental industry which makes communication between different faculty simple and fast in this digitalized world of smart phones and tablets.So here is a opportunity you don,t wanna miss CHANGE YOUR SMILE CHANGE YOUR LIFE.




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