We rarely advice extraction of a functional tooth. We try every possible treatment modality available to save a functional tooth but if in certain situation where decay got unchecked the damage to tooth is extensible and is not possible to restore it, then we need to go for extraction of that tooth followed by replacement of the same tooth. any functional tooth always needs to be restore to maintain and function our oral system in harmony.

Sometime for cosmetic improvement in smile designing or orthodontic purpose we may have to include extractions in treatment plan. Third molar/wisdom tooth extraction.

They are Last teeth to erupt into the mouth at the age of 17 to 26 yrs.

They are among the strangest, unpredictable and unreliable teeth as they have all kind of odd shapes to their crown and root. Mostly they remain impacted in jaw bone or erupt with difficulty. People experiences are varied about their eruption and presence. Sometimes they are missing. Even if they are present and aligned properly still they serve no purpose in our mouth. Infect to accommodate these teeth our functional teeth get shifted and became malaligned or crowded hampering their functions and make them more prone to cavities and gum diseases .to asses or determine your wisdom tooth status we first examine it on digital x-ray which is a painless procedure and further plan suitable treatment.

As these teeth have varied anatomy, Removal of wisdom tooth requires many efforts than normal tooth extraction and also requires post extraction care. There extraction can be: Non surgical –when tooth is completely erupted in your mouth.

Surgical, if tooth is tiled to abnormal direction Partially erupted Or present completely inside bone. Both procedures are painless and are done under local anesthesia.

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