Scaling and Polishing

Though it is very routine day to day procedure in our clinic but it is a very important procedure to be done for our patient who agree with belief that “prevention is better than cure”.

Why you Need to clean teeth daily?

Plaque is a thin film of bacteria that continuously forms in your mouth ,covers the surfaces of your teeth. Plaque forms naturally in your mouth but is very harmful to your dental and gum health we recommend regular brushing and flossing of teeth to

 remove this plaque layer. Because If plaque is not

removed from your teeth and around the gums,after 48 hrs it eventually hardens into tartar which can cause a variety of problems in your mouth including cavities and gum infections.. tarter or say calculus can not be removed by brushing or flossing it require special dental tools and procedures. As tartar (also known as calculus) forms, it continues to attract more plaque which leads to the formation of more tartar. Calculus is typically removed by using an ultrasonic device known as ultrasonic scalars which comes with tips of different shapes and sizes.. If tartar exists below the gum line, a deep cleaning known as scaling and root planing also called oral prophylaxis becomes necessary.

Why tarter is harmful?

It leads to bleeding and sensitive gums and teeth become more prone to cavities.
Your gum line recede from teeth, root of teeth exposed causes sensitivity to hot and cold and become unsightly.
You may feel a Constant itching sensation in gums.

If infection gets severe its leads to pyorrhea (a condition in which teeth become mobile and pus collects around them)
Your general health is greatly affected as well! In recent years, the importance of reducing or eliminating mouth bacteria and infections has become well known. While we have always believed that the bacteria that breed and spread in the mouth can have a negative effect on your general health, this fact is finally being recognized by the medical world as a whole. Conditions in the mouth can make systemic diseases (diseases that affect the entire body). . Bacterial byproducts and the inflammation they cause in the body can also be major factors in the development of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and other serious problems. Possible reason for bad odour from your mouth.


Here at Dr. Yojna’s Dental Clinic we use of ultrasonic scalars specially designed to make tarter deposits and stains loose and detach them from tooth surface by using ultrasonic vibrations in conjunction with water mist. The purpose of the ultrasonic vibrations is to make the tartar loose ,not to cut into the tooth. Cleanings are mostly painless, and find the sensations described above – tickling vibrations, the cooling mist of water, and the feeling of pressure during “scraping” – do not cause discomfort. even many of our patients report that they enjoy cleanings and the lovely smooth feel of their teeth afterwards!. If the sensations are too strong,may be possible specially if u have soar gums then we adjust settings along with the applied pressure to make the procedure more comfortable for you. After scaling, polishing is done with a special fluoridated paste and a polishing brush or a rubber cup which is spun around the teeth to make them shiny & smooth. You are advised to get this professional cleaning done once in every six months to maintain your oral health. A dental cleaning appointment also gives us the opportunity to detect any other dental problem you may be suffering at early stage.

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