Talking about tooth fillings, options available is


Tooth colored /cosmetic filling

 1 . COMPOSITE FILLING- are similar in color to natural teeth. they are available in various shades so we it can perfectly match with your original tooth shade and they look more natural and are less noticeable compared to other types of fillings. There are other advantages to composite, tooth-colored fillings such as, most importantly, its ability to bond to tooth structures and these fillings can be repaired by the addition of more filling material.

2. GLASS INOMER FILLING -they bond with tooth structure and contain substances like fluoride which also prevent further decay of tooth. Another benefit of tooth-colored fillings, allowing us to procedures in a single sitting and thus preventing further decay Here at Dr. Yojna’s dental clinic we prefer branded fillings like 3MESPE, GC, SHOFU

3 . Conventional fillings like amalgam, gold inlay filling also done in some special cases.


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