Cost of Treatment

Consultation 200/-
IOPA (X-Ray) 200/- Per Tooth
Scaling & Polishing 1500-4500/-
Fillings/GIC 700-900/- Per Tooth We use best brand 3M as quality filling material in dentistry which last long and serve best to you.
Composite Filling 1200-1500/-Per Tooth Depends on size and location of cavity and technique involved.
Composite Bonding 2000/-Per Tooth
Root Canal Treatment 3500-7500/-Per Tooth Cost varies as per requirement of medicament,dental material and different approach to treat infection in case of severe infections. Some infection cases may take month or so to resolve and thus require extra visits to dentist
Post RCT Filling 1200/-Per Tooth
Post & Core Filling 1500/-Per Tooth Badly broken teeth need more support to reinforce restoration so we use metal post after rct treatment in some cases where it is indicated.
Post & Core Fiber 2000/-Per Tooth Badly broken teeth need more support to reinforce restoration so we use metal post after rct treatment in some cases where it is indicated.
Re-RCT 5000-8000/- Per Tooth Old root canal filling is removed,cleaning and disinfection done again. In complicated cases sometime we have to use some intracanal root canal medicament placement so cost varies as per requirement of case n visits needed to treat individual case.
Porcelein Fused Metal (PFM) 4500/-Per Crown Quality of ceramics/porceilein and metal use to manufacture theses crown is matter of interest for us as well so we never compromise on material quality so you get the best and we get the the best results for our treatment.
Porcelein Fused Mental – Cad Cam 5500/-Per Crown When we use CAD-cam technology in designing and manufacture of crown we are actually bypassing the possible human errores in your caps/prosthesis in margin fitting and contacts .great fitting we all understand has direct advantage on health of gums and teeth.
Full Ceramic Monolithic Zirconia Crown 10000/-Per Crown 100% Bio-compatible with CAD-CAM integrated design to serve  you best in esthetics in dentistry.Mostly recommended for back teeth/molars.
Full Ceramic Bruxzir 12000/-Per Crown
Porcelein E-Max  Crown Normal 12000/-Per Crown
Porcelein E-Max  Crown Premium 14000/-Per Crown
All Ceramic 3M Lava Zirconia 14500/-Per Crown
All Ceramic 3M Lava Premium 15500/- Per Crown
All Ceramic Feldspathic Porcelein Crown/veneers 16500/-Per Crown
All Ceramic Procera Alumina/Zirconia Crown 18000/-Per Crown
Porcelain Veneers 12000/-Per Crown(E-Max Veneer)
Dental Implant
Osstem Implant 18000/-Per Implant
Adin  Implant 15000/-Per Implant
Dental Implant Prosthesis
Porcelain Fused Metal Prostheis

(Straight Titanium Abutment)

7000/-Per Tooth
Porcelain fused metal

(Angulated Titanium Abutment )

10000/-Per Tooth
Zirconia crown with zirconia straight abutment 21000/-Per Tooth
Zirconia crown with angulated zirconia abutment 27000/-Per Tooth
Sinus Lift Surgery for Implant Cases
Indirect sinus lift surgery 8000/- includes sugery cost without the graft material cost.
Direct surgery cost 20000/- includes surgery cost without the graft material cost.
Metal Braces 25000 -35000 Orthodontic treatment which also require use of additional MYOFUNCTIONAL APPLIANCES for treatment will be charged separately .
Ceramic Braces(tooth coloured) 35000-45000
Ceramic braces with white coated wires 50000
Wisdom tooth surgery(disimpaction) 2000-12000 Depends on the compexicity of case and type of impaction ,degree of depth in bone and risk involed with anatomic nerves and vital structures like blood vessels and all.
Cyst (mucocele ) surgery 4000-8000
Periodontal Flap surgery 12000 per quadrant Some flap surgeries also requires of bone graft and bone membrane material that will be charged saperately depends on the amount of use in particular  surgery.
Fracture jaw bone surgery 20,000 Per quadrant Cost can varies with implant cost .
Gum lift surgery 2000/tooth
Gum and bone lift surgery 3000/tooth
TEETH WHITENING 12,000  Usually done  for front teeth in smile line .Single visit procedure takes an hour or two .


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